Pavement condition survey app

Are you striving to improve the comfort and safety of the roads, bike paths and sidewalks you manage? Does a lack of knowledge about the current condition of your infrastructure hinder your investment decisions? ASPEN will enable you to make a quick, simple and universal assessment of the condition of road surfaces, which you can do with your own vehicle.

How does the ASPEN app work?

ASPEN uses a smartphone mounted in a vehicle (car or van, electric scooter) to examine the level of vibrations using an accelerometer and gyroscope. While driving, the smartphone shakes like an aspen leaf, thus collecting data on a given stretch of road, which it then translates into indicators that determine road surface evenness and driving comfort. In ASPEN, we used, among other things, machine learning methods and the IRI – the International Roughness Index.

ASPEN is not an alternative to classic pavement condition survey methods. It does not calculate some of the complex indicators present in official procedures such as ZEB. Thanks to this, measurement data is collected and processed much faster, and the versatility of the system allows it to be used not only on roads but also on pedestrian and bicycle routes.


With ASPEN, our customers can:

  • effectively plan maintenance work,
  • get to know the objective condition of roads, divided into sections, marked on a scale of 1-5 (from those in the worst condition to those in the best),
  • prepare an optimal budget for repairs,
  •  get a photo-registration of the pavement and a report with current assessment,
  • visualize data online (maps with condition assessment, scoreboards, linear profiles, photos in synchronized views),
  • develop a maintenance strategy.

What else can you use the collected data for?

  • verify and update the reference system,
  • remote access to a range of information (e.g., roadway width, location of vertical signs),
  • safety audits,
  • traffic safety assessment,
  • building and successive calibration of pavement condition degradation models,
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of the pavement technologies used.

The ASPEN application was developed as part of a research and development project carried out with the support of the European Space Agency ESA. The use of the ASPEN system to perform evenness measurements is a development project. ASPEN continues to be refined and tested on various levels to ensure that the service offered meets the highest possible standards.


ASPEN UTO is quite in demand among managers and owners of sidewalks and bike paths. We believe you want to improve comfort, for pedestrians, cyclists, athletes, wheelchair users and all other users of these networks. Our application uses an electric scooter as a measuring vehicle to evaluate sidewalks and pedestrian and bicycle paths.

    Moreover, this solution allows you to:

    • carry out pavement condition surveys in places that are difficult to access by four-wheeled vehicles, on sidewalks or bike paths,
    • perform faster measurements without the use of specialized equipment,
    • shoot photo-registration of the pavement,
    • lower the cost of measurements.

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