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How does traffic analysis affect investment decisions?

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How to keep infrastructure in good condition for decades?

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What can we do to make the roads safer?

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our services

We carry out standard and dedicated projects in the field of pavement condition survey and assessment, maintenance strategy planning as well as traffic measurement and analysis, both in Poland and Europe. We also provide software and applications supporting our customers in decision-making processes.

For several years we have consulted road managers and owners in order to make their work easier and solve current problems. In response to them we create tools and systems which help to achieve specific tasks and goals.


about us

high-level expertise

Our team consists of specialists in road construction, engineers, mathematicians and programmers. The combination of these competences is unique on the market and guarantees a comprehensive approach to problem solving. As a result, our clients receive customized and innovative solutions.

attention to quality

We care about the highest quality of our products and services, in accordance with the applicable standards (we are ISO 9001 certified). To better support our activities, we invest in the latest technologies and development of our competence.

solid partnership

We are focused on long-term cooperation and implementation of solutions that bring real benefits. We offer full commitment and strive for mutual trust. We think of our clients as partners, taking care to protect their interests.

expert publications

Our experts provide up-to-date information on our research and development projects and recommended methods of infrastructure management issued in AUTOSTRADY Magazine.

educational webinars

We share our knowledge and experience - through INFRAMA Academy. We regularly organize webinars with recognized road and traffic professionals.

industry meetings

We organize national events and actively participate in industry conferences, both local and international. We share knowledge and best practices in the field of Asset Management.

case studies

Track infrastructure management
Assessment of bicycle paths and sidewalks
Road safety forecasting


We support the development of a network of roads for bicycles in Warmia and Mazury

We were invited to collaborate on the project as an expert in road management. We had to start by gathering information about the current routing of bicycle paths.

Breathtaking rail route in the Bernese Alps on HC 2023 calendar

The railroad in Lauterbrunnen is now 130 years old, and is not only used for transporting people and goods, but is also chosen as a tourist line to enjoy the beautiful peaks of the Swiss Alps from behind the train window.

ASPEN Field Game at the Public Roads Forum

In addition to a speach for managers from the north of Poland, we decided to organize a game that presented in a practical way the possibilities for conducting effective survey and planning road maintenance.

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