Data processing and display

wizualizacja danych drogowych w systemie OnKo3

Does it ever occur that the lack of online access to certain traffic data disorganizes your work?  Does the incompleteness and prolonged time to reach the right data make you irritated? Or is some of the data only available on paper? Finally, does the lack of professionally prepared, maps, statistics and reports make it difficult to talk to decision makers? We know that these are common problems in administrative units, which often work in a distributed, offline mode, without access to data at the level of the entire organization. This significantly slows down decision-making processes and hinders the exchange of information among employees. 

Heller Consult gives quick access to the information needed by managers at every level, including pavement condition survey or traffic measurements. We are constantly improving data presentation techniques, significantly increasing the usefulness of the information contained in them. Our service is aimed at all managers who want to operate remotely and in a more organized manner.

With our service you will gain:

  • one reliable source of information at the level of the entire organization,
  • total control over your data, the ability to combine it with other information,
  • quick and easy access to up-to-date data through a dedicated OnKo3 platform,
  • processed data, ready to use, tailored to the needs of your organization,
  • concrete arguments in discussions with stakeholders,
  • reports, statistics, maps and lineage profiles – factually correct and with a refined form of communication and visualization.

We support your organization's digital transformation by:

  • digitizing your data, enabling quick searches, updates, comparisons
  • implementing a sharing process inside and outside the organization,
  • data visualization through reports, statistics, maps, simulations and practical line profiles (both in the form of electronic documents and traditional paper printouts),
  • data archiving.

Selected implementations:

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