Image anonymization

Did you know that the anonymization of photos taken during traffic surveys and traffic and road safety analyses is required by the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679 of the EU Parliament and Council)? The regulations require road managers to blur faces and license plates, which are personal data. Under the provisions of the RODO, a person who believes that his or her personal data has been used against his or her will may seek compensation from the administrator of that data or go directly to court and file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.

Caring for the interests of our clients and their legal security, we ensure the anonymization of photos and videos in the framework of pavement condition survey and traffic measurements. Comprehensiveness of our activities is the basis – we are committed to relieving managers of side responsibilities as much as possible, so that they can focus on their goals and priorities for action. We can also anonymize external images for a given project. Our service:

  • is fast and fully automated,
  • is compliant with current RODO requirements,
  • is secure: it encrypts data and processes it on a dedicated server,
  • adapts to the client’s needs.

We have already anonymized more than 50,000,000 photos and dozens of hours of video recordings!

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Selected implementations using photo anonymization:

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