Asset Management

What is the exact purpose of your operations? Not every manager or road owner asks himself this question, while awareness of this goal is a key determinant of the success of his work.

Asset Management not only helps to answer this question, but also to reach the designated goal. What exactly is Asset Management? It is a methodology for effective management of road infrastructure, which takes into account not only the network, but also the management unit, its specifics, stakeholder expectations, budget constraints and other elements affecting a given road or track network. As a result, Asset Management bundles all areas of our business, from pavement condition survey to data sharing to traffic safety analysis, into one cohesive program.

The ISO 55000 Asset Management System is an international standard in Asset Management, recommended by the World Road Association PIARC. Its success lies primarily in combining engineering and managerial competencies to ensure that road management benefits are maximized. It sets standards and provides the necessary tools for road managers and decision-makers at both the senior administration and operational levels.

Implementing these standards in an organization improves the competence of managers, which is why we support road infrastructure managers in implementing this system in their units. Asset Management is also a further step towards better management of road infrastructure, improving safety and driving comfort, as well as environmental protection. 

By implementing the ISO 55000 Asset Management standard, our customers will be able to:

  • meet the specific requirements for a given road and track network,
  • comprehensively plan and estimate long-term activities, tailored to the needs of the organization,
  • create a plan that constitutes a solid bargaining chip in any negotiations,
  • significantly improve road safety and infrastructure quality for the distant future,
  • make decision-making processes independent of the political situation.

What do we offer our clients?

  • consulting and advisory services: we carry out both small contracts and complex processes dedicated to specific organizations to manage roads in accordance with the ISO 55000 Asset Management standard,
  • specialized support when an organization lacks engineering or managerial competence,
  • dedicated AM consultants to look at the broader context of managing the roads in question,
  • assistance in the preparation of external documents.


For units interested in thoroughly expanding their competencies, we recommend the INFRAMA Academy. Its activities are aimed at education and comprehensive consulting in the field of road infrastructure management. Our experts are involved in its activities. INFRAMA Academy organizes certified training courses and workshops aimed at managers and employees of road infrastructure, such as in the areas of:

  • Asset Management,
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling),
  • Risk Management,
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators),
  • Pavement condition survey methods,
  • Traffic Safety.
Akademia INFRAMA zarządzanie infrastrukturą drogową

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