Maintenance programs

Mapa odcinków utrzymaniowych

Is planning maintenance work difficult for you due to limited access to road data and budget limits? We help you solve this problem through road maintenance programs – comprehensive, medium and long-term action plans, tailored to the context and objectives of your management. Our programs are focused on improving the quality of all aging infrastructure components.

With road maintenance programs, you can find out:

  • Which sections of roads, sidewalks or bike paths should be repaired and in what order?
  • What measures should be taken to obtain maximum benefit?
  • Which road sections should be repaired in the face of budget constraints?
  • How much money should be allocated to achieve the desired condition of roads within X years?
  • Which renovations can be postponed?
  • What will the network look like in 5, 10, and 20 years under different budget options?

What are the benefits of maintenance programmes?

  • make it possible to make informed renovation decisions based on reliable data,
  • they optimise the budget and are the basis for drawing up a road network development plan,
  • they help to perform the tasks set for managers and owners,
  • are a strong argument in discussions with decision makers,
  • They are integrated with data sharing systems providing relevant information to other departments of the management board,
  • are the basis for applying for funds or preparing tender materials,
  • enable various and aesthetic forms of presentation of results (maps, tables, charts),
  • enable consideration of various scenarios (e.g. they allow one to understand the effects of carrying out superficial repairs on a large area versus a thorough overhaul on a small area, etc.)
  • are used in communication with the media and the public,
  • can include suggested treatments and cost estimates for given road sections.

Our offer:

On the basis of survey results and selected data (e.g. traffic volume, role of the road in transport) we create a maintenance program based on Asset Management principles.  You receive from us a list of sections in order of urgency based on previously agreed objectives. You have remote access to the maintenance programme via the online traffic data system OnKo3.

Selected maintenance programmes implemented by Heller Consult and their results:

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