Our mission

Improving health, safety and quality of life

The quality of roads affects more than just the comfort and safety of their users. Roads are like a bloodstream – they transport essential goods, having a direct impact on industry, the economy and stability in the country. We strive to maintain an efficient and safe road infrastructure for all.

Consulting on the manager-contractor line

We provide managers with reliable and credible arguments in discussions with contractors or financial negotiations. We offer assistance in achieving the set goals and making the right renovation or investment choices.

Caring for the environment

We strive to minimize the negative impact of transportation on the environment by supporting better management in this sector.  We understand that social welfare and safety go hand in hand with climate protection and environmental concerns.

About us

We are a consulting and technology company. We support road and track infrastructure operators in managing resources more efficiently.  We offer them a range of services and tools to help them solve daily problems and achieve tasks and long-term goals. We support them in their duties, aiming to improve traffic safety and road user comfort. We participate in the creation of a resilient and usable traffic infrastructure that will serve the entire population for many decades.

Road managers decide on the development of road infrastructure – often under pressure from time, stakeholders and users. They also face shrinking budgets or unstable environmental conditions. To make the right and informed decisions, they need convenient access to up-to-date and verified road information. With our tools, clients not only have the data at their fingertips, but receive ready-made solutions to their problems.

We support both road administrations at all levels and private owners in short, medium and long-term road development planning. We perform pavement condition survey, create maintenance programs and conduct traffic analyses. Our competence is based on years of experience in the road industry, combined with the in-depth knowledge of the engineers, analysts and programmers who make up our team. This allows us to implement innovative solutions and engineering projects based on AI and big data analysis techniques.

In addition, we provide consulting services in the broad field of road infrastructure management based on ISO 55000 Asset Management standards, recommended by the World Road Organization PIARC. We base our cooperation with clients on partnership and understanding of the specifics of the work of the market and public administration, supported by many years of experience.

We have been operating under the name Heller Consult since 2009, but our company’s activities began in 1991 on the initiative of Dr. Slawomir Heller. His commitment to improving the quality of roads inspired us to further develop the company. We are constantly educating ourselves in the areas necessary to improve road standards, safety and comfort.

Together with the German company HELLER Ingenieurgesellschaft, we form the Heller GROUP. We currently hold a leading position in the market for road condition analysis and assessment. We perform pavement condition assessments on highways and trunk roads in Germany, where we have assessed more than 700,000 kilometers to date. The methods we have developed for processing, visualizing and sharing road data have become a standard in Germany. We also cooperate with road administrations in other European and African countries, scientific institutions and companies, learning best practices from different regions of the world.oprators