Traffic monitoring

The performance of traffic and track measurements is driven by various needs. These data are usually needed by construction and commercial companies for planning purposes, scientific institutions need them for their research and in case of road managers and local governments they are required by law. At Heller Consult we carry out a wide variety of surveys and develop a research methodology aimed at specific problems.

Why is it worth ordering our measurements?

  • we specialize in momentary speed measurements,
  • we guarantee the highest quality of measurements thanks to the newest technologies,
  • we send data in real time, enabling immediate online data verification,
  • we make the measurement results available online, in the form of dynamic reports,
  • we have our own, fully mobile and self-sufficient equipment (it is equipped with its own power supply), which allows for quick, easy and non-invasive installation at the place of measurement.
Volume distributions and daily traffic amplitude

What are dynamic reports?

Dynamic reports present the measurement data on a web-based platform in the form of graphs, tables, and maps, allowing for easy interpretation of the results. With our system, customers gain remote access to data and the ability to perform comparative analyses and calculate selected indicators.

Thanks to dynamic reports:

  • you can independently define the content of a given report or group of reports thanks to filters,
  • generate any combination of results in a few seconds,
  • compare current and historical data,
  • you will have convenient and unlimited online access to all results.

Our offer includes:

  • carrying out measurements of traffic volume and instantaneous speed of vehicles (e.g. volume, instantaneous sectional speed, track, speed profile),
  • dedicated measurements aimed at solving a specific problem such as investment selection or traffic safety solutions (traffic volume and instantaneous vehicle speed, traffic participants’ behaviour, before and after measurements, cross-sectional measurements),
  • possibility of long-term contract for a package of measurements made according to the current needs of the customer in the indicated locations
  • processing of measurement results in any form (with online access to dynamic reports, in a descriptive form, in prepared visualizations on request) – also the results of data made available to us by the clients),
  • measurement management (e.g. supervision over measurements, field inspections, calibration measurements, measurements on the whole road networks, verification of correctness and quality of data, maintenance of the existing measurement infrastructure, follow-up measurements, data collection support) via dedicated VERA measurement management tools and web platforms.

Selected realisations in the area of road traffic measurements:

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