Traffic and safety analysis

In 2019, there were 77 fatal accidents per million inhabitants in Poland, which means that it is the third most dangerous country in the EU in terms of road safety. Where do these depressing numbers come from? Can road accidents be avoided? It is difficult to give a definite answer to this question because road safety is affected by many factors – both the road infrastructure and the drivers. This makes analysing the causes of road incidents a complicated task and planning effective methods to reduce them – difficult and time-consuming.

We offer comprehensive services related to traffic data analysis, including road safety. Our IT solutions give the possibility of simultaneous compilation and comparison of road data, both the ones already possessed by the administrator (e.g., registration data, traffic volume data) and the missing ones, which we acquire and supplement. Thanks to them our clients receive:

  • ready to use, specific and reliable analytical materials, useful in decision-making processes or tenders,
  • a basis for planning investments aimed at improving road traffic safety, which guarantees better use of financial resources,
  • information helpful in modernising road and rail network,
  • traffic and incident forecasts in a given location on the basis of historical data, based on a unique mathematical model (for traffic safety analysis) – check our e-Wypadki (e-Accidents) application
  • the possibility of comparing different traffic data.

Why is it worth commissioning a traffic and safety analysis from us?

  • we put special emphasis on checking the reliability of data using all possible sources: a team consisting of analysts, engineers and programmers guarantees the accuracy and reliability of data,
  • we rely on good practices collected from Portugal, Germany, Spain, where proven solutions have been functioning for years.
  • we rely both on the existing, readily available road data and on additional data sources such as road surface condition, photographic registration of lanes or road users’ opinions,
  • the traffic measurements necessary for the analyses are taken in the field with our own equipment.
  • we use the already existing data, thus reducing the analysis costs.

Our clients can count on comprehensive services related to road traffic analysis, including road safety. How do we work?

  • we acquire the necessary information (including carrying out necessary research),
  • we present the results in the form of risk maps and traffic incident concentration maps, charts
  • we determine clusters of road incidents indicating their places of concentration,
  • we create risk maps on the basis of algorithms developed with Instytut Transportu Samochodowego (Motor Transport Institute)
  • we create line profiles for traffic safety analyses focused on a given road or street,
  • we provide IT tools to analyse the causes of road incidents,
  • we provide a report containing a list of particularly dangerous places and suggested remedial measures.

Selected projects in the area of traffic and BRD analyses:

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