Pavement condition survey

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Road surface evaluation significantly facilitates road management and maintenance planning for infrastructure managers and owners. By using our services, you can get to know the objective condition of your network in accordance with current procedures and guidelines. A reliably performed pavement condition assessment generates savings in time, money and increases employee efficiency.

Why is it important to perform pavement condition surveys?

Whether you are acting under public pressure, out of statutory obligation or looking for suitable investment criteria, we provide you with a reliable information on the condition of the pavement. With its assistance you will be able to:

  • make easier decisions, supported by reliable data, related to the maintenance of the road network,
  • verify the applied construction technologies,
  • plan the development of the road network more effectively,
  • better plan your budget and expenses in a short- and long-term perspective,
  • generate immediate savings,
  • choose the optimal pavement rehabilitation technology,
  • enforce warranty obligations.

The cost of performing survey is a negligible investment in the whole life cycle of the road, while its implementation not only significantly improves the efficiency of maintenance works, but also ensures optimization of the available budget. Moreover, survey is a part of the maintenance plan, so it can be financed from investment funds.

Our offer:

We organize comprehensive survey of the technical condition of roads, streets, sidewalks and bike paths, in accordance with the recommended guidelines of polish (WDSN, WiS) and german (ZEB) standards. It consists in:

  1. identification of technical data (including evenness, anti-slip properties, surface features such as cracks, deflections or damages, and bearing capacity of the pavement, etc.)
  2. evaluation and interpretation of the data, presented in an accessible way through reports, statistical maps or line profiles, both in paper form and online in our OnKo3 system.


ASPEN is our solution that fits into the assumptions of modern road conditon survey. This system is not an alternative to a standard survey campaign. It is an answer to the increasingly frequent need for quick and simple assessment of the condition of road networks and pedestrian and bicycle paths. It uses a smartphone mounted in an ordinary vehicle (car, van or electric scooter) and artificial intelligence (AI) to collect and analyse survey data. ASPEN processes the vibration and video data recorded during measurements and, as a result, generates a reliable assessment of pavement condition. The system was developed for managers who:

  • need to quickly assess the condition of an entire network or a specific section,
  • want to regularly update the data about the condition of the pavement,
  • need to perform a comparative assessment,
  • want to be able to carry it out independently (“here and now”),
  • want to perform measurements on roads as well as on narrow and winding sidewalks and bicycle paths,
  • expect repeatable and objective data and an attractive form of presenting the results,
  • need arguments to attract funding,
  • want to go a step further in the digitalization of their unit.

Selected projects in the field of pavement survey:

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