Mobile tools and applications

For more than a dozen years, we have been talking to road managers and owners in order to make their work easier and solve more and more new problems.  In response, we create tools to help them achieve specific tasks and goals.

OnKo3  – your road network in digital form

ASPEN –  an application for road surface condition survey  

eWypadki – a platform for recording road incidents

VERA – traffic data manager


hiATLAS road manager dashboard


Need more than a traffic analysis or maintenance program? Looking for a more specific tool to solve a specific problem? We can help! Our interdisciplinary team consists not only of engineers, but also of skilled programmers, data analysts, physicists, mathematicians and cartographers who, in collaboration, create proprietary algorithms and tools to support road management (for cars, pedestrians, bicycles and rail vehicles)

We can also design a solution for your organization’s needs. Just apply to us and describe your problem, and we will develop a suitable tool:

  • a ready-to-use, dedicated solution to your specific problem,
  • built from A to Z, with minimal customer input,
  • developed according to your technical and financial capabilities.

Many of the programs we have written are widely used in the road industry in Germany and Poland. Examples of implementation:

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