Platform for road safety record

Monitoring road traffic accidents is necessary to maintain and maximize traffic safety. Managers usually use police databases for this purpose, which provide information about accidents in the form of scanned documents. However, this data is often incomplete and difficult to interpret, which prevents managers from making the right decisions. The eWypadki (eAccidents) platform is our answer to these challenges: it is a road safety data storage and visualization system.

With the eWypadki platform, our customers can:

  • exchange data with other systems and applications used by road managers,
  • easily share traffic safety data across the organization, including maintenance or investment departments,
  • improve the synergy between different decision-making processes.

How does the eWypadki platform work?

  • visualizes the necessary information in the form of clear tables and synchronized maps,
  • generates reports on specific queries related to traffic accidents,
  • allows editing of data on traffic accident based on the results of road safety records,
  • enables building of risk maps,
  • is flexible and open to further analysis and application.

Basic functions of the eWypadki system:

  • provision of information on accident (e.g. location, accident type, vehicle type, violation type, number of passengers, driver information , injury severity, seating position, location characteristics, road information, lighting, weather conditions, damage outside vehicles, and many others)
  • automatic import of data from national traffic accident registration systems
  • verification of the location of traffic accidents,
  • verification of data consistency,
  • calculator of indicators that facilitate extended analysis within the framework of traffic safety,
  • data filtering and grouping on the map,
  • configuration of layers on the map,
  • identification and display of indicators useful in management processes.

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