Your road network in digital form

In the digital age, it is impossible to easily, quickly and efficiently manage roads based on paper maps, reports and documentation. OnKo3 was created to allow managers to view all road data about their network from a single device – including those obtained from pavement condition surveys or traffic measurements. It is an indispensable support in the implementation of maintenance programs and comprehensive Asset Management plans.

How does OnKo3 work?

Road data must be properly recorded and digitized so that it can be effectively processed into reliable information to support the daily work of the manager. Therefore, simply having the data is not enough for conscious road management. To use them effectively, they must be skilfully processed, compared and interpreted. Onko3 unifies, verifies and then synchronously presents information on dedicated views: maps, linear profiles, charts and images.

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The OnKo3 desktop application enables:

  • easy access to up-to-date and complete information at the level of the entire organization,
  • processing of data from different sources, in different formats, as well as its completion and verification,
  • grouping, sorting and selecting the information that is needed in a particular situation thanks to hundreds of different filters,
  • displaying selected data in the form of editable views, such as maps, linear profiles, tables, photos,
  • managers to work faster and more efficiently with instant analysis,
  • departments in organizations to work better together, focused on achieving targeted goals,
  • comparison of data from different periods,
  • digital data storage,
  • more efficient communication between employees and stakeholders,
  • data visualization on a reference network.

EVE platform

The OnKo3 tool is based on the EVE platform, built by the Heller Group. It allows for expansion and integration with other systems. The EVE platform is extremely flexible – it can be easily adapted to the specific needs of any manager of both municipal, county and provincial roads, as well as owners of private road networks.

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