Our solutions implemented on the street track network in Warsaw!

For more than a dozen years, we have been assisting our customers in Poland and Germany in managing resilient and safe road infrastructure. During this time, we have developed systems tailored to road data processing and visualization, enabling decision makers to access up-to-date information. Thanks to our team of programmers, data analysts and engineers, the solutions we offer are increasingly automated and flexible, tailored to the requirements of specific organizations.

Remote maintenance of track infrastructure

The best proof of this is the implementation of methods refined over the years into a completely new area, which is rail transportation. On behalf of Warsaw Trams, we have developed a remote track infrastructure management system that will ensure that the infrastructure is maintained in full serviceability. For passengers, this directly translates into improved safety and comfort, as well as more efficient troubleshooting and maintenance.

Okno aplikacji stacjonarnej INFRATRAM
INFRATRAM launch application window

System design

Infrastructure data has been processed and placed in the web-based system and visualized in maps, line profiles and tables. Synchronized views make it easy to access all information, enabling quick decision-making. Several diagrams dedicated to different levels of management have been created, including for task planning and for diagnosing the technical condition of the track structure, as well as for assessing the geometric condition of the track. The system is supported by a mobile application for performing all field work with automatic user localization.

What will INFRATRAM bring to the board’s work?

Among a number of improvements that the system will bring to the organization, we can mention min:

  • enabling remote management and access to all data in one place,
  • the ability to make more effective decisions,
  • acceleration of document circulation and automation of processes,
  • streamlining the flow of information between employees,
  • improving the efficiency of resource utilization,
  • monitoring and control of implemented tasks.
Okna aplikacji mobilnej INFRATRAM
INFRATRAM mobile application window