Traffic data manager

Road managers and owners can operate more efficiently if they monitor and analyse traffic. Verified data, collected during traffic measurements, is essential for reliable analysis. Organizing a measurement campaign alone is a huge challenge due to the large amount of data collected from hundreds of measurement points from different contractors. Our Vera platform, dedicated to road managers and owners, allows efficient management of measurement campaigns and unification of the results obtained.

VERA was used by the General Directorate of National Roads and Highways in Poland in the General Traffic Measurement 2020

Mapa z zaznaczonymi punktami pomiarowymi w aplikacji VERA
Map of measurement points

What will you gain from the VERA platform?

  • support in measurement planning, data collection and processing,
  • control and correct process of measurements,
  • verification of received data for completeness and quality according to specially designed algorithms,
  • diversifying users by access to information and their role in the organization,
  • a single source of information for the entire campaign.
Measurement point location card

VERA enables dynamic presentations of results – e.g. displaying traffic volumes on a map in real time in the form of animations or creating dynamic charts presenting results from recording devices. These can be shared with stakeholders or published online. This gives our clients a convenient tool to support internal and external communication.

What functions does VERA offer?

  • management of a central register of measurement points,
  • visualization of measurement points on a map and in a table,
  • automatic assignment of measurement results to measurement points,
  • interactive analysis of measurement data,
  • traffic measurement planning,
  • verification of measurements,
  • monitoring the execution of measurement plans.
Rozkład ruchu przedstawiony na raporcie dynamicznym w aplikacji VERA
Traffic distribution charts

VERA is an open-source tool. It is widely used by road administrations in Germany; more and more administrative units in Poland are also introducing it into their operations.

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