We perform traffic measurements to improve road safety!

This fall, our traffic measurement team has its hands full. We are currently implementing two very different projects directly related to improving road safety.

Baseline project

We are participating in the implementation of the EU Baseline research project, the aim of which is to identify performance indicators for BRD activities in EU countries. The results of the research will be used to implement the official EU program for improving road safety for 2021-2030.

Our role was to randomly select 80 locations in Poland and conduct speed measurements in them. It was also up to us to prepare all the IT facilities to manage the measurements. The surveys are taking place right now. We drive all over Poland taking measurements. We are verifying the incoming data on an ongoing basis. The next stage of our work will be to process the data and compile the results.

More about the project: https://baseline.vias.be/

Monitoring the behaviour of traffic participants

The second project, which we are implementing on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure, involves conducting a nationwide survey of traffic participant behaviour. In this case, we are using camera-equipped measuring devices, where data from 189 measuring points will be subjected to in-depth image analysis.

In addition to taking measurements, we are cooperating in the development of a precise methodology for all surveys, and preparing and analysing the collected data to efficiently compile the results. Next year, we will perform speed measurements and conduct observations of traffic participant behaviour using a dedicated mobile application.

We are carrying out both projects together with the Motor Transport Institute. We are proud to participate in such important projects and have an impact on safety on Polish roads.